Foofa Handicup


created with Thomas Molles and Hiba Chamekh

In summer 2018 I was invited to join another ENIAROF, this time in Malakoff, a suburb of Paris. Since working together with Thomas Molles in Tunis was a big joy and more than fruitful we teamed up again. It was the time of the year where the football world championship just started, so we decided to make a football related game. It turned out as a screen based penalty shooter with a very special controller. We used a leg of a mannequin mounted on a rig, so it can swing around an axis through its knee. At the top part of the leg a crutch is mounted, by pulling on this crutch the leg gets accelerated until the red button in the shoe hits a ball. The player has to score as many goals as possible within 30 seconds, by pulling the crotch just in the right moment with the right strength. If e.g. the player pulls too slowly the ball won‘t reach the goal, if he/she pulls too fast the ball will fly over it.

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